Sunday, August 15, 2010

Active Vacations - Ace is the Place!

This year, we have been on a fitness quest. Determined to keep fitness up front and center in our new healthier lifestyle, we tried to decide on a vacation that would be within our budget, relaxing, entertaining, and most importantly, active.

Finding this balance for both my husband and I seemed hard enough, but adding to it two children of very different activity levels and capabilities made it seem near impossible.

We searched many "adventure destination" websites and pamphlets, only to find that many were beyond what the kids could handle or way beyond what our wallets could handle.

I was looking at cabins everywhere from Colorado to Tennessee, and becoming more overwhelmed by the minute. Until I stumbled on Ace.

Ace Adventure Resort is located in Oak Hill, West Virginia, a mere eight hour drive for us in Northwestern Indiana. It has cabins, tents, RV sites, and various other levels of accommodations on the property. It has miles and miles of hiking, biking, and horse trails. It has woods, it has hills, and it has fishing and swimming lakes.

Best of all is the "Play Lake," included free of charge for every day that you either stay with Ace or take part in one of their various tours.

It is a huge play lake with giant inflatable playgyms, including a trampoline, balance beam "runners", climbing icebergs, and various slides. It also has a lake zipline and giant slide, accessible by climbing up a forty foot tower of stairs.

For families, this lake seals the deal.

Of course, various other packages are available to add on to your vacation, such as river rafting, rock climbing, mud obstacle course, horseback trail rides, ATV rentals, to name a few. Zip-line canopy tours, mountain biking tours - the list goes on and on.

Our family decided to go on the Class II and III river rafting all-day tour. It was well worth it. An Ace bus takes you safely down to the launching point on the river, and you are loaded up with PFDs and helmets and paddles.

You are assigned a tour guide, and all the guides are friendly, helpful, and FUN. There is a lunch break about mid-trip, and the food is phenomenal. At the end of the trip, you are greeted with much appreciated child and adult beverages, and a light-hearted bus ride back to the resort.

The scenery is beautiful, the weather pleasant, and the cabins we stayed in clean and well-stocked.

For an awesome, fun, and active family vacation, we highly recommend Ace Adventure Resort. Well worth it!

Check out all the details and activities at their website

You will not regret it. Maybe we will see you there next year!

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